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Hey it's-a me, Blue. I have decided to set up a separate account for +White Ash+.  Though every singularly based white + ash name was taken ... I got WhiteAsh-Comic for a deviACCOUNT.

It will be updated soon ... but expect it to only update there from now on. No more +White Ash+ on lunescence for it takes up too much room. Favorite that account if you actually read the comic! I am removing all of the ones from lunescence AND updated the comics with the new, better version that is already on the +WA+ site.


PS: YES! I am still taking commissions whenever you wish to ask.
Just a reminder to y'all that I do commissions for free, anytime.

I like the commish-ers and I love the practice.
Okies, wells ... I have indeed have new art post-age ... and have indeed given up on my tablet {for the moment at least}.

Plus, I am finishing many pics and commissions. Yay. But, first let me tell you about yesterday...

My friend (Chapel) and I decided it would be fun to ... sleep in a cemetery. No reason. We meet at 4pm, whilst it pour, and left our stuff behind a century old grave marker and headed out. We visted Chapel's friend Gren where we eventually left after a calamity. Basically, we dig-dong-ditched him, he ran out with a base bat to our hiding place across the street, and I came out and attacked him with an umbrella. He fled from my open umbrella. I ended up semi-mooning him before leaving. Apparently, I have a very white butt.

We wandered one mile this way, then two that way, and by 10 pm, we were far from our starting point. I had a urination proclamation and she had the munchies for some Uncle Ben's.

We crawled up the steps of our guy friend's house, for which all the lights were out, in desperation. I proclaimed that if he wasn't home, I would cry, urinate in his bush somehow, and then resume a fetal position until he came home. I knock, he answers. Yay! We crash there until 12:30am when we were kicked out because said boy had to work {cough cough at Wendy's} at 7am the next day.

But hey, Chaps got her Uncle Ben's (whom I assume is married to Aunt Jemima) but I didn't use the lavatory! Oh wells. We returned to the cemetery, lit candles, and sat there until 3am when we tried to sleep. I didn't, and by dawn I was still hyperactive. We hit a breakfast diner down the road as it open. Chapel tried Potato Pancakes {holy crap, I love them} and then we went to sleep on an elementary playground across the street.

We were awoke an hour later by a janitor. We dragged our blistered feet (painful from a night in wet suede shoes) and I gave up and went home. Then I slept for the rest of the day. The end.
I am waiting for the auction to finish on a $25 art tablet on eBay!  It looks great, but as a n00b on eBay, I am keeping a watchful eye on it.  

Grrrrrr, 6 people outbidded me on the last one, so let us cross our fingers for Blue!!

Because arrival of graphics tablet = art. *Mistuh Burns "Excellent"*
Grahgr!  I am very irritated due to the fact that have a bazillion pics drawn and laying lazily about my room .. and couch .. and upstairs hallway ... and backpack ... and in a pile that fills two-thirds of my locker (the other third being owned by various caffeine based treats to keep me awake during the school day).

And of course, there are the 7 commissions that I need to finish and post.

However, my annoyance comes from the fact that I wish to use my wonderful-tastic Open Canvas program that I just procured ... but I don't have a graphics tablet.  My mouse sucks!  I would post so much more if I could get my hands on one.  Any suggestions?  I will give an absoltutily free commish to anyone who can give me good advice.  I is desperate!  :crying:
I am off to Disneyworld with the marching band!!!!  Wooooo ... (its been a pain in the butt to set up).

See y'all on the 28 with many new pics!
Feel free to ask for a commission at any time.  Kiribians don't seem to work.